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Tour Newburgh on a relaxing small
group vacation of my homeland

" I look forward to showing you my historic
Scotland, as only a native Scot can. "

Newburgh, in north Fife, on the banks of the River Tay, has had a settlement or a village on the present site from a period much earlier than the end of the twelfth century, but it was at this time that the village grew in importance, due to the founding of Lindores Abbey, and was named in a Royal Charter as Newburgh.

Until the end of the Eighteenth Century, there were no made up roads in Newburgh, wheeled carriages were seldom seen. The main industries at this time were farming and handloom weaving. In the 1800's there was a boom in municipal building and in the mid 1800s the railway came to Newburgh and the social life of the town grew with no less than thirty five pubs. The harbor was extremely busy -- the main employment being salmon and sprat fishing. Forty boats were in service at that time. The village boasted of no less than four schools.

40 years later Newburgh was enjoying a reputation as a holiday resort. Pleasure steamers came from Dundee and many people still remember the town echoing with the noise of holiday makers. After the second world war the pleasure steamers went into decline with the advent of the touring bus and the post war population boom meant that less houses were available as holiday homes.

A tradition which started in 1864 is the annual procession of the Caledonian Lodge of Oddfellows. The Oddfellows parade by torchlight through the town, wearing costume, mask and creating merriment by their antics. A more communal event which was revived in 1962 after a gap of 14 years, is the Highland games, held annually in the Tayside Park.

For the Independent Traveler to Scotland we also offer help with Airfares, Hotel Packages, and Rail Travel.

Leave The Herd Behind With A Small Group Tour of Scotland

All my small group tours of Scotland, which often include my native Fife, are paced for discovery and understanding, not just notching sites. Each small group is limited to an absolute maximum of 18 people, with a typical small group being just 6 or 8 people. I prefer to guide these small groups through Scotland in a relaxing manner, staying at two or three base locations from which we can visit places of interest - and not have to move luggage every day.

Tour Scotland guests tend to be travelers rather than tourists, enjoying seeing behind the tourist facade, while visiting with " locals " and seeing sites not normally seen by the regular tourist. Many group members visit Scotland to trace their Scottish ancestry; others to golf or fish; most come to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, historic buildings and gardens, and most of all, to meet and enjoy the people of Scotland. My Tours of Scotland can be best described as being " couthy. " It's a Scottish word meaning " gentle."

What goes into an unforgettable Tour of Scotland ? Lots of great scenery, for sure. Perhaps also a smidgen of something you can't quite put your finger on, but nevertheless creates a lasting impression. Maybe a piper playing in the pub; perhaps a conversation with a local; a shepherd working his dogs; fishermen landing their catch. All my previous group members have their own lists of defining moments. I wonder what yours will be ?

Any time from April through October is a really good time to Tour Scotland. Spring and early summer are my particular favorites. Forests, fields and glens offer a wonderful array of colors during that time of year, while the long Northern days of sunshine let you get out and enjoy it. There is also no shortage of things to do as all the best attractions are already open, and are far more relaxed away from the mid-summer crowds, whilst in the cities the Arts season is in full swing. But whenever you visit, you're always guaranteed a warm welcome in my Scotland. June through August is the best time to attend Highland Games on a Tour Scotland tour.

Here's a built by a couple of Tour Scotland members from last year. I think you will find the site interesting and informative. A Journey Through Scotland. For my latest Tours of Scotland photos click: May 2003 or Loch Ness.

Tour Scotland group members will have the opportunity to shop, play golf, visit local pubs and simply go for walks and enjoy local sights and sounds. Let me know your reasons for wishing to Tour Scotland, and see if I can best fit your needs. If you would like to visit independently, or as part of a small group tour, or on another Tour of Scotland, please e-mail me:

E-Mail me Today
Sandy Stevenson All rights reserved 2000

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